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The Life of a Landman

Posted October 2, 2014 - At Bonanza Land we pride ourselves in having some of the best Landmen in the southwest.  We have experience, education and a whole lot of common sense.  That's the secret to our success.  Yes it's crucial that you understand the laws that are in place and that you know how to use that knowledge in the courthouse but it's the ability to talk with people that makes all the difference in the world.  

Our Director of Field Operations, Casey Beaty does most of his work at the office.  He's great at developing and coordinating strategies and always meets our clients deadlines.  One day we were talking and I asked him if there was anything that he misses now that he's not knocking on houses that much anymore.  He said that the part he misses the most is sitting down with a land owner over dinner and just talking to him and getting to know him.  Connecting on a personal level.  Getting to know him and his family.  Developing that trust between two people.  That doesn't happen over the course of one visit.  It's months and months of showing up and being present.  That's what landowners want.  They want someone who cares about them.  At Bonanza Land we care.  

Negotiating leases is the most exciting part of being a landman.  Not to say that the months and months of due diligence isn't exciting.  Okay, it's not exciting...but it's very necessary.  What is exciting is when you can save your client millions of dollars!  I was reading a blog from a landman from Pennsylvania and he came across this story that all landmen can relate to.  

"I once heard a joke about a landman that was told to lease some land “no matter what.” He went to speak to the landowner, who told the landman that he would sign a lease if he got a prize pig that a neighbor owned. The landman went to his boss and asked what to do because the pig would cost $5000. His boss told him again to lease the land “no matter what.” Once the landman had the lease signed and submitted his invoice, including the $5000 pig, his boss called him and said “YOU CAN’T BILL FOR A $5000 PIG! FIX IT!” The landman resubmitted his invoice a few minutes later, for the exact same amount as before, but with no pork listed. His boss called again, “THAT’S THE SAME AMOUNT BUT WITHOUT THE PIG!”
The landman replied, “I hid the pork. But you’ll never find it.”

Being a landman is hard work.  At Bonanza Land we understand that and we believe we have the best in the business but you must know this about us.  Common sense tells us that no pig is worth $5000!  If you want to make a deal, we could bring home that bacon for $2000 if it help us lease the land!  Just kidding of course.  Or am I?

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